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We realize that you have many options when it comes to obtaining music: at shows, from record stores, from your public library, digital downloads, pirated copies, etc...In all honesty, we don't care how you get ahold of our music, we just want you to hear it, enjoy it, and spread the word. That being said, if you value music and wish to support the artists who spent the time writing and crafting these recordings here are some options.

#1. Buy it from the band. The greatest percentage of the price goes directly to the artist. Buy from Bagheera

# 2. Support your local independent record store. These shops are vital to a healthy local music scene. In Saint Louis we like Vintage Vinyl, Euclid Records, Apop Records

#3. Buy directly from Asian Man Records.

#4. Digital downloads. The least attractive but maybe the most convenient option. You realize that you are paying the same price, sometimes more, for a compressed format right? The download DOES NOT contain the 2 bonus songs included on the CD.


Thanks for supporting independent music!


Bagheera Twelves1.long division
2.isolation in an accelerating
3. true silver
4. halted by the source
5. h for halloween
6. bulbchanger
7. the halloween disguise
8. not chasing ghosts
9. admission / concession
10. shape vs. concentration
(within a vacuum)
11. better at night
12. solstice
13. idle

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Bagheera "Twelves" enhanced CD am112

2004 Asian Man Records

13 tracks + 2 bonus tracks only on the CD version

CD also contains high-quality .mp3 versions of all of the songs plus lyrics and extra artwork.


CD $ 10.00

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