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Bagheera "twelves" 2004 asian man records

"twelves" am112
enhanced CD

Available from us, asian man records, fine independent record stores, amazon and as a digital dowload on itunes or amazon.


        Apparently the album has leaked early online and now is available for streaming on Pandora and Spotify.  In fact we leaked it even earlier to the Saint Louis County Library's streaming service. We live in an era of leaks so I guess we're just embracing the new reality..or something. Go have a listen.


       We're excited to announce that our new album "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun" will be available at the end of the March on Skeleton Fur Records.  This has been a long project with many edits and delays, which at the time were frustrating and annoying. In the end the extra time we spent on the mixes and artwork were well worth it. We are so happy with the finished product and can't wait for you to experience it.


Artwork for the new album is looking really awesome.  We had the very talented poster artist Jim Mazza design us something great.


We've been harvesting plums and working on a song concerning ghosts in monochrome. Our next show is on Friday July 31 at the Shlafly Tap Room with the amazing Pat Sajak Assassins. This might be a good time to hear some of our new songs that we often times mention and then bury into obscurity. To endure these lean times we've  put the plums in jars (for ourselves) and put some songs on SoundCloud (for you).


We took some time away to write a few new songs and to finish up mixes for "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun". Venus is bright in the western sky and we've gazed at it often. The garden was planted too. This page was ignored.



Last night's Geminid Meteor shower here in Saint Louis was not very observable due to cloud cover. Bummer. Some other  things not readily obervable (to you anyway) may include our recent trips to Hyperspace studio to work on final mixes for the upcoming album "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun" as well as the current wave of subtractive and inverse studies.

If you are in fact looking for a vantage point to observe us, we have you covered, especially if you are in the Chicago or Saint Louis region.

Friday Dec 19, Chicago IL -Quenchers with Rapids, The Sky We Scrape, In Exile.

Saturday Dec 20, Saint Louis, MO- Schlafly Tap Room with This City of Takers, Rapids


This Saturday we'll be at the Heavy AnchorFlyer for Heavy Anchor show in South St. Louis. You should be too. Since we've last made contact with you we've played some fantastic shows, worked out two new songs and started this year's batch of Kimchi.


Several hundred mantises have hatched in our garden and have taken up defenive positions all around the yard. These are exciting times. We've been busy working on some new songs and playing out as much as the insects allow. This Friday we'll be at the Engine Room with our friends the Mercs.



We will be performing at the SXSCity festival in our lovely hometown of Saint Louis on Sunday March 16. The venue is Off Broadway. The lineup includes Karate Bikini, Jedi Nighties, Cree Rider Family Band and Tommy Halloran's Guerilla Swing.

I'm hoping we'll have a couple new songs ready by then.


We are currently running Bagheera v3.0 with the addition of our former Climber bandmate Julie Gibbs now playing bass. With this newest lineup we have yet again pulled ourselves from hibernation and decided to start playing live shows again on a regular basis. We have spent the last several months getting re-aquainted with, or reworking a lot of our older songs. We have a lot of new material waiting in the wings as well and I'm excited to start getting it into our live set.

We will be playing our first show with this lineup on Saturday February 15th at the Heavy Anchor in South Saint Louis. We will be opening for our friends in This City of Takers, Kazu Flyer, and Accelerando.

We have been busy working on our recordings over the past long while and well.....it's most likely going to be a long while more until we get our next album finished. What can I say?..I like tinkering with things. As always, your encouragement, support, and mostly your patience, is much appreciated.

We are happy to announce that Julie Gibbs from Climber, is now playing bass with us. We are working on new songs and plan to start playing live again in 2014. In the meantime, we are still working on the next Bagheera album. We've been busy in the studio recording, re-recording, mixing and.... re-mixing. It is taking longer than we had planned but were getting it closer to how we want it to sound. Lots of experiments, lots of failures, lots of lovely sonic serendipity. Patience and tenacity...


August 14, 2013

Started work on a new song with nice 80's sci-fi ovetones. Sounds like air-raid sirens on Phobos. I'm really digging these bent arpeggiated synths.


July 27, 2013

vacation in colorado..five new micro songs written and recorded on the ipod.

June 20, 2013

New song started on the pattern tremolo...


March 15, 2013

recording drums through the ipod. so thin and distorted. somewhat refreshing to my ears.

Jan 9, 2013

recording the sound of metal on dry ice...listen to it screaming..

November 7, 2012

buzz buzz hum delay.

September 16, 2012

Apples...lots of them.


July 4, 2012

Shooting rockets towards the sun......boom!

May 15, 2012


we are working on parts of the "Pluto-song", the "Eris song", the satellite of Eris -"Dysnomia-song", satellite of Pluto -"Charon-song", plus some other bits of sonics, pressed and bent for fun. I've been using a lot of fuzz pedals on as many of the tracks for "Eris" as possible. Fnord. We hope to post some audio, of the experiemental stuff anyway, soon.. stay tuned..or go make yourself useful since we refuse to.

April 9, 2012

we are working in the garden. music under trees and such. harvesting, planting, singing. thinking about ghosts.

March 25, 2012

Valley of the Vapors Festival,
Hot Springs, Ar,
Low KEY Arts Apr 22.

valley of the vaporswe travelled to Hot Springs, Arkansas to perform, see dear friends, hike, and experience some great music and art. The evening started with PROJEXORCISM, a 16mm film-based, multi-projector visual art presentation accompanied by live musicians. The footage was all form the early American space program. Really trippy and well put together.

We performed next ran through a loud and upbeat set with some songs from "twelves" and half being new(er). The audience in Hot Springs is always so positive. It is always such a pleasure to play Bagheera set list VOVthere. Galaxy Express from South Korea and Ume from Austin both put on really good (loud) shows. Super nice folks too.

yes we drank water from the springs. Quaff the Elixir, indeed.

February 22, 2011

enjoying the "after-touch" parameter on the synthesizer to get some extra expression out of these already bent out of tune notes.

November, 2011

Recording drums for several songs including "the Demotion" (Pluto song), "bricks song", "golden apple / pentagon (all-fuzzed-out-thanks-to-jason-hutto) song", "Science-center laser harp meltdown".





November 11, 2011

Staring into space....Nice moon tonight.bagheera stares at the moon

August 5, 2011

recording empty spacetonight I plugged in a series of delay pedals, got it started using some bleep-bloppy app on the ipod, pressed record, and walked away for about a half hour...let's see what we can do with this..we're calling it capitulation circuits.




Monday July 27, 2011

New website. It took awhile but our new site is finally finished. We have a lot of thing happening with Bagheera so we needed a nice new place to store and share information.

So to catch up, we had a great show in San Francisco at the Asian Manphoto by Leslie Hampton Records 15 year festival. It was really like a big family reunion of all of the bands and friends we've toured with over the years. I'm amazed that Mike actually pulled it off without a hitch.

We played our set as a two-piece and blazed through a few songs from our album "twelves" such as "long division","true silver" and "better at night", as well as some newer ones like "shooting rockets towards the sun", "failed to read the schematic", "martian influence" and "vanilla morphine".

We've been working hard to get this next album finished. We only have a few more songs to record before mixing and mastering the whole thing. I'm really excited about this batch of songs and how they all fit together as a cohesive album. Some of these songs are new and still being written (Oort Cloud),(Eris),(the Demotion of Pluto)while one was written back when I bought my first four-track recorder in 1998 (Elliptical Orbits).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're getting ready to head to California to play the Asian Man Records 15th year anniversary festival. We will be playing at Thee Parkside in San Francisco with:


Friday June 17th. The show is already sold out. So excited.


We've been busy recording (like usual) but this time we've actually finished up several songs. We will be selling a limited amount of these 4-song "Vanilla Morphine" CDs at our upcoming shows. We screen-printed, stamped, painted, and grommeted each one by hand and no two are alike.

vanilla morphine vanilla disc

The track listing is:
1. Vanilla Morphine
2. Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun
3. Martian Influence
4. Neptune pt 1

I'll eventually get around to posting a couple of the tracks for streaming audio on Facebook and/or Myspace. "Like" us on FACEBOOK to get updates and such.



Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010

Update! After a several year hiatus, we are warming up our amplifiers and preparing to play some live shows again. Our live drummer Patrick encouraged us to get out of the basement and back on the stage. Our first show is:

Thu. December 30th at Off Broadway in south Saint Louis. We will be opening for Lemuria. We have a bunch of new and relatively new songs we've written over the past few years that we will be debuting. If you are in the area, I hope you can brave the cold and join us for a great evening of music.

I know it's a way off, but we will be playing at least one show in San Francisco in June. We'll post more details when we get them.

If you haven't already done so, please visit our FACEBOOK page and become a fan to receive updates.

Sunday Mar 1st, 2009

Finally some new material has been posted on MySpace! Click HERE For over a year we've been working on a song to commemorate the wedding of our best friends Dan and Shannon which took place on emptyneptune the beach in Santa Cruz, California. Dan and I have known each other since we were six years old and have travelled the world together playing music in MU330. Dan and Shannon also make some amazing music together in SPITZER, the STITCH UP, and the CAT-DOG ACOUSTIC EXPLOSION. For me this was one of the most fun projects I've worked on. We wrote and recorded so many tracks that we actually split it into two separate songs each with it's own set of lyrics. The songs could be played side by side with the melodies and rhythms complimenting each other, similar to a strong relationship. These two songs are the first to feature our daughter Sylvia on vortex keys and percussion and our live bass player Obie on bass!

Tue Mar 22nd, 2008

Yeah, it's earth day again. The bees are buzzing about our flowering crab-apple tree.

Sun Mar 2nd, 2008

In keeping with our current tradition of taking a long, long time to finish any given project, here's a new update. As forseen and duly noted by our resident mystic Obie, who also happens to be the un-official Mayor of Affton, trying to build and train a keyboard player from scratch is not a quick or easy task. Indeed. However, Sylvia will be featured playing organ on a new song we wrote about Neptune. We're still writing a lot of songs and slowly getting some of them to tape. There are two albums worth of material, all at various stages of recording.Quite a few are almost finished and we'll have a couple posted on MySpace soon.

Thu July 6th, 2006

Alright, a few more songs have been recorded. Progress is slow but steady and what I've heard so far is really nice. Heather, Theodore and Slyvia, along with their vegetable garden, are all doing well.

The full band is set to start playing live again in the next couple of months and we'll, of course, let you know all the whens and wheres. Until then, get yourself outside and walk through the trees.-----------------------------------Dwayne

Thu April 13, 2006

We would like to introduce Sylvia Arun Moll to the world! She made her debut on February 17th and has kept her parents busy singing sci-fi lullabys. Believe it or not more progress has been made on the next EP and hopefully we'll have something posted when its finished in the near future.
I need to introduce myself. My name is Dwayne and I'll be taking care of the web duties for awhile while Heather and Theodore tend to Sylvia and the EP. You can direct your web site inquiries to DwayneD@bagheeramusic.com

Sun Aug 7, 2005

Bagheera be taking a hiatus from performing full-band live shows until the spring of 2006. The reason for this is the recent news that Heather and Theodore will be expecting their first child in February. The last full-band show will be this Friday at the CREEPY CRAWL in downtown Saint Louis. Bagheera will be playing with the most excellent UNDERCLAIRE from Little Rock, Arkansas. Don't you dare miss Underclaire's set or you'll be denied the too-cool-for-school-indie-rock-bragging-rights of "well I saw them the first time they played St. Louis, hmmph" In the meanwhile the band will be cloistered in the basement, arranging and recording material for the next record which promises more epic arrangements and more forest fire, rattlesnake and space travel references than the last one. --dwayne d.

Wed June 8, 2005

We've been back for a couple of days now and the jet lag is sure easier to beat when you travel west. We had a fantastic time in the UK playing shows, hearing new bands, and making new friends. We played the Wasted Festival in Morcambe which was a solid three days of punk rock music. We got caught in traffic on the way to the festival and wound up missing our set time by an hour and a half. Thanks to some creative juggling from the stage manager, we squeezed in a short set after Dick from the Subhumans did his spoken word/ comedy thing. The whole thing was pretty at the freebuttsurreal. With just our acoustic guitars, we belted out some rock tunes about space, death, drugs and dwarves, on a big stage, in a sun-lit room, to a bunch of punk rockers sitting at tables. I'm sure there is a parallel universe out there where this kind of setting is the norm for punk shows. What an amazing place that must be.
We played a couple shows in Brighton at the legendary Free Butt. Laugh as you may at the name, but the Free Butt is a solid venue and pub. Hundreds of touring bands from around the world have played there at one time or another and we consider it an honor to be one of them. Our friend Buz set up the show and we would up staying with him and his girlfriend Em for quite a few nights. A big big thanks goes out to them for the show as well as their hospitality.
We spent a couple of days in the town of Battle (where the battle of Hastings took place in 1066) with our friends Nat and Bill and their parents Gully and Ben. Nat and Bill are "the Flying Marrows" an acoustic rock duo as well as a gardening team.. Their family is really amazing. After a day of hiking through woods and the battle-field we ate a big meal and played a lot of music. From there we spent four days in London, looking at Egyptian statues and the tombs of famous Britains. Our next show was a music and beer festival at a regional airport in Shoreham-by-Sea. --t.m.

Sun May 8, 2005

This past thursday and friday we had a couple of really great shows here in the St. Louis area. Thanks to everyone who came out. Ted and Heather are gearing up for the big England trip. We've been using our skills of procrastination in packing and preparing for this trip, so let's hope we remember to bring everything.

Fri Apr 1, 2005

Hail to all the fools that celebrate the new year today (the historical origin of April Fools).

Bagheera will be playing in the UK as an acoustic two piece in late May. No Foolin'! We will be playing the acoustic stage at the Wasted Festival in Morcambe on May 21st and follow it with a week long tour of the UK with POG.

We will start recording the initial stages of our new album this summer.

Mon Jan 17, 2005
Bagheera got a nice write up in the Cin Weekly. view it here

Tue Jan 4, 2005

The new year is here and, without getting too heavy or profound, we hope that better times are ahead for the whole planet.
We will be playing this Thursday in town at the Creepy Crawl with Hated Nixon. This is a very last minute affair so if you find yourself free from obligation and in serious need of a rock show please come down. This Saturday we're at Off Broadway with Red Eyed Driver and the Helium Tapes.

We've got T-shirts now available and you can get them at the shows or here on the site.

Fri Dec 24, 2004
Happy Holidays everyone! Heather and I have been finishing up a new batch of songs that we will most likely debut at our show on the 30th. Things are coming along nicely. Last night we saw the Blue Meanies in Chicago and once again their performance blew me away. The Blue Meanies have been a major influence on the way I approach and appreciate music. Hanging out with old friends and hearing some of our favorite songs was such an amazing way to start the holidays.

Mon Nov 30, 2004

Past Shows
In the past couple of weeks we've played a string of really good shows. In Edwardsville, at the legendary Stagger Inn, we rocked as a three piece with one of our favorite local bands, Bibowats. We played an odd yet really good show with the full band in Alton at Camp Climax. The venue is the basement and practice space for Camp Climax for Girls. We weren't sure what to think when we got there but it turned out to be a really fun show. Chris Krueger, aka Southerly, played an awesome acoustic set. We wound up playing two sets at Frederick's, the first with the full band and the second with just Heather and myself on guitars. We debuted a bunch of new songs. Frederck's seems to be a good place for that.

We will be performing in St. Louis at Mangia Italiano on South Grand on Thursday December 30th. We will again be playing a set with the full band and another with just guitars.
We also finally updated the page with new photos and flyers.

Sat Oct 30, 2004

Happy Halloween
We have some new pictures up on the photos page from our not so recent show at the rocket bar.

Thu Oct 7, 2004

The Exponetial Growth

Keen observers at our shows recently have noted the usual two-piece has squared into four. Hopefully this is the last of the progression since sixteen is far too much to manage. So far we've played three shows with this line-up and it's cool to finally hear the songs the way they sound on the album. We will still play some shows as a two-piece and probably some as a three-piece.

We have some upcoming shows in October including an opening slot for the Brian Jonestown Massacre show at the Creepy Crawl on Oct 22.

Fri Sept 17, 2004

Bagheera in the RFT
In this week's Riverfront Times (St. Louis alternative weekly paper) there is a Bagheera interview. Lovely.

We've recently been practicing with our friends Patrick Turek (drums) and John "Obie" O'Brien (bass) to fill out our live sound. They have each played in some of our favorite bands over the years including Stillwater, the Bottlerockets, and Jenny Kavanaugh and her band of Outlaws, so it's truely an honor to finally get to play music with them. We play our first show with this lineup tonight at Sally T's in St. Peters, MO.

Wed July 8, 2004
I've been on tour with MU330 for the past three weeks in Europe which was truely amazing. We played the U.K., France, Switzerland and Russia! To read about it surf over to mu330.com. In the meantime, Heather has been writing some new songs that I'm anxious to start working on. We've got a bunch of shows coming up around Saint Louis and the Midwest. Recently our good friend Obie has been sitting in with us on bass to fill in the lower end of the spectrum.

Fri May 28, 2004

Tornado Warning!
For the past week St. Louis has been pounded by daily parades of storms. Last night was no exception; The sky darkened with a hue similar to the background on this page before going almost black and the tornado sirens started to moan in the distance. There was nothing we could do but go to the basement and play music until the all clear was given. Speaking of last minute warnings, we found out we were playing the Creepy Crawl last Wednesday mere hours before the show. We had a really good set but it felt a little weird since we had never heard of any of the other bands. I guess that's what happens when you spend your life in a basement, playing music and hiding from tornados.

Last Saturday we played a really rocking show in Peoria, IL with the Youth Class,. Brief Candles (Milwaukee), and Francis England ( Peoria ). Peoria has a really good scene and we were impressed and genuinely surprised by all of the bands. I think we are playing Peoria again in mid July with the Youth Class..