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Bagheera "twelves" 2004 asian man records

"twelves" am112
enhanced CD

Available from us, asian man records, fine independent record stores, amazon and as a digital dowload on itunes or amazon.

NEW Album....
Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun

Available March 28 on vinyl LP, CD, digital

Streaming now

        Apparently the album has leaked early online and now is available for streaming on Pandora and Spotify.  In fact we leaked it even earlier to the Saint Louis County Library's streaming service. We live in an era of leaks so I guess we're just embracing the new reality..or something. Go have a listen.


       We're excited to announce that our new album "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun" will be available at the end of the March on Skeleton Fur Records.  This has been a long project with many edits and delays, which at the time were frustrating and annoying. In the end the extra time we spent on the mixes and artwork were well worth it. We are so happy with the finished product and can't wait for you to experience it.


Artwork for the new album is looking really awesome.  We had the very talented poster artist Jim Mazza design us something great.


We've been harvesting plums and working on a song concerning ghosts in monochrome. Our next show is on Friday July 31 at the Shlafly Tap Room with the amazing Pat Sajak Assassins. This might be a good time to hear some of our new songs that we often times mention and then bury into obscurity. To endure these lean times we've  put the plums in jars (for ourselves) and put some songs on SoundCloud (for you). 


We took some time away to write a few new songs and to finish up mixes for "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun". Venus is bright in the western sky and we've gazed at it often. The garden was planted too. This page was ignored.


Flyer 2014-12-20


Last night's Geminid Meteor shower here in Saint Louis was not very observable due to cloud cover. Bummer. Some other  things not readily obervable (to you anyway) may include our recent trips to Hyperspace studio to work on final mixes for the upcoming album "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun" as well as the current wave of subtractive and inverse studies.

If you are in fact looking for a vantage point to observe us, we have you covered, especially if you are in the Chicago or Saint Louis region.

Friday Dec 19, Chicago IL -Quenchers with Rapids, The Sky We Scrape, In Exile.

Saturday Dec 20, Saint Louis, MO- Schlafly Tap Room with This City of Takers, Rapids


This Saturday we'll be at the Heavy Anchor in South St. Louis. You should be too. Since we've last made contact with you we've played some fantastic shows, worked out two new songs and started this year's batch of Kimchi.

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