chumps on parade
wide awake
state o mind
fat and married
since the shortlong's gone
got caught
nothin's alright
johnny dumbjokes
hang tuff hold tight
cursed again
get away from that table
so far
fried chicken
the punisher / downtown
hot dogs
inside me
chumps on parade (cd bonus)
Release Info
1996 Dill Records CD/Cass
1996 Dill Records CD #010
1996 Dill Records CD 010
1997 Asian Man Records CD / Vinyl LP AM-008
We returned to producer Dave Probst for our second album, this time recording the entire thing throughout the various rooms of Dave's house. Drums in the living room, guitar in the kitchen, vocals in the kid's room. During this session we were introduced to Dave's strict diet of king size candy bars, endless pots of coffee and a concoction of peanut butter, sugar and chocolate syrup.