Bagheera "twelves" 2004 asian man records

"twelves" am112
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Heather Moll (Dallape) -Voice, Guitars, Bass

Theodore Moll -Voice, Guitars, Drums, Keys

Hi, we're Bagheera. We enjoy creating music for ourselves which sounds good to our ears alone. We like making spaced-out dreamy pop tunes and fuzzy, punk-rock guitar freak outs. We like layers and dynamics. We like manipulating sound and pushing it around in the stereo spectrum. We like listening to music in dark rooms while wearing headphones. Maybe you also like these kinds of things..or maybe not. Take a listen and make your own judgement....or if you prefer to base your opinion on what other people say, browse over to the REVIEWS section..

Our history

In 1999 Heather and I, started our musical collaboration which would eventually be known as BAGHEERA. We lived in an apartment that we suspected was haunted, in a sleepy tree-filled neighborhood in Saint Louis. At the time we were both playing music in other bands, Heather was playing guitar and singing for Climber and I was almost always on tour as the drummer for MU330. When I was home, we would stay up late into the night playing songs for each other, and for whatever ghosts happened to be hanging out there in trans-dimensional limbo. With softly strummed acoustic guitars and our intertwined voices we quickly built a collection of compositions that reflected our abstracted curiosity in the surreal, science, love, nature and space! I eventually bought a four-track tape machine and we started to experiment with the art of recording music....

..As time moved forward, as it does in this universe anyway, we kept tinkering with our recordings and expanding our sound to include brashy drums, fuzz tones, thrift store keyboard noise and lots of stereo effects, while maintaining our core sound of boy / girl harmonies and Heather's odd chord progressions. We finished our first demo CD in 2002 right about the time we were married........

Pt. 2

In 2003 we started recording our first proper "studio" album at Hyperspace with Lance Reynolds at the helm. The term "studio" here doesn't really fit the conventional implication. While most of the tracks were captured onto a 24-track 2-inch magnetic tape machine, the performances took place in basements, attics, bedrooms, closets and living rooms in various locations around Springfield, Chicago, and Saint Louis. The album "twelves" was released on Asian Man Records in 2004. We did a lot of touring around the midwest at this time as a two-piece.

We eventually recruited our friends John O'Brien and Patrick Turek to play bass and drums for our some of our live shows. We toured a lot more and in 2005 we went to the U.K. to play shows in Morcambe, Brighton, and Glastonwick.

Pt. 3

After 2005 we took a hiatus from playing live in order to focus our energy on raising our children. I went back to school to study biochemistry and worked in a lab researching plant viruses.  We built gardens, planted trees and enjoyed staring in to the night sky. All the while, we kept writing, recording and experimenting until we built up over two albums worth of new material. Thematically, many of these songs reflected our fascination with astronomy and Roman mythology. However these songs were not really about space but instead dealt with our personal experiences of losing loved ones, coping with war, and maintaing love and optimism in times of upheaval.  We eventually recurited Julie Gibbs from Climber to play bass with us and help finish the recording process.These "space" songs were complied and sequenced into what is now our newest album "Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun" (March 2017).   The album was mixed and mastered by Lance Reynolds (Alt-J, Ash) at Phorfront recordings.